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Bowhunter of the Year

"Bowhunter of the year" was started as a fun way to challenge other bowhunters. Lets face it we are all a little competitive with each other. So the ABA came up with a little game to keep everything interesting.

Here's how it works.

1) Record everything you harvest with your bow.
2) Total up all the points you earned.
3) Turn in your score sheet to the ABA by Feburary 1st.
4) Winner will be decided at the September Executive Committee meeting.
5) Winner will receive their plaque at the Spring Banquet of the following year.


1)Must be a current ABA member in good standings. 
2)All game must be legally taken with a legal bow in the State of Arkansas, by Arkansas Game and Fish Regulations and according to the ethics of fair chase.
3) Season go from June 1st to May 31st of the following year. Example: June 1, 2015 to May 31, 2016 will be decided in September 2016 and awarded plaque in March of 2017.
4) Points are awarded based on the class your are shooting. Refer to the forms for the actual points.

Traditional Bowhunter of The Year

This is a new division and is intended to separate them from the compound division. It takes a lot more skill to use traditional equipment and they deserve to be recognized. 
Click this link for the form 2015 Traditional Bowhunter of the Year.pdf

Compound Bowhunter of The Year

This is the old division just renamed. Its compound equipment and any other equipment used. You can consider this an open division.
Click this link for the form 2015 Compound Bowhunter of the Year.pdf
Youth BOY (15-16).pdf

Youth Bowhunter of The Year

Everyone under the age of 16 needs to be recognized for their great accomplishments as a bowhunter. This year we are trying to recognize them by starting a division just for them. 
Click on this link for the form 2015 Youth Bowhunter of the Year.pdf 

Urban Bowhunter of The Year

Urban hunters are there to help the cities control the population of the urban deer. Their are no limit or size requirements. Therefore we wanted to separate them into a division of their own. The point system is different due to less restrictions.
Click this link for the form 2015 Urban Bowhunter of the Year.pdf

If you have questions you can contact your Field Governor for your area or send us an email at  

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