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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This page is to answer questions frequently asked of members of the executive committee concerning the ABA and its involvement in bowhunting in the state of Arkansas.

Is the ABA an archery or hunting club?

No. Although the ABA is made of mostly of dedicated bowhunters and archers, it is not a hunting or archery club. It is a state-wide organization made up of individuals and localized affiliated clubs who have a common goal. That goal is to protect and enhance the bowhunting experience in this state and to pass it along to the next generation so that it may be sustained for years to come. This is done through thoughtful and diligent lobbying and monetary support where appropriate.

What does the ABA do for me?

The ABA, as a group, does what most individuals don't have the time or resources to do on their own. As a member, you can rest assured that you will have a voice at all the Arkansas Game & Fish meetings where policy and regulations are set for hunting seasons. We work with and assist organizations who are fighting against the ever growing anti-hunting groups. Just like with the NRA, on a smaller scale obviously, there is strength in numbers. The fee is nominal and you will be a part of a brotherhood fighting to keep our tradition alive and strong. Aside from that, you will also get a newsletter every couple of months with lots of interesting articles about your sport. If you enjoyed having the last two week of February re-opened this past season, you can thank the ABA and some of the AGFC commissioners.

Are the officers and field governors paid?

No. They do it at their own expense because they love the sport and want to see it continue on for generations to come. On occasion, when an officer or field governor is asked to perform a task that requires a long drive, that person may be reimbursed to help offset fuel and/or boarding expenses. All the money from your dues is used to protect your sport through lobbying, contributions to pro-hunting causes as needed and to produce your newsletter. Reimbursement to the people performing those functions is part of the expense of protecting our sport.

How much are the dues?

The annual dues for a standard membership is $15. A lifetime membership is $250. Most people will spend that much per month on soda pop. The rest of our funds come from the spring and fall shoots we have each year and from the occasional private donation. If every bowhunter in Arkansas were a member, our voice with the AGFC would be many times stronger.
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