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The ARKANSAS BOWHUNTERS ASSOCIATION was formed in 1959 with the first meeting held on September 17. Several meetings by bowhunters with a strong and concerned eye for the future laid the foundation upon which our organization has build a well-respected and successful Bowhunting lobby.

The ARKANSAS BOWHUNTERS ASSOCIATION has successfully worked with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to assure bowhunters the most liberal hunting seasons and limits consistent with good game management practices. The AG&F often contacts us for our input on proposed regulations and programs. We maintain close working relationships with other conservation organizations. A very close watch is kept on our state legislature and the Federal government.

Although you may not realize it, the well-financed, urban-oriented, anti-hunting movement is growing. Because of smaller numbers, bowhunting is one of their primary targets in a campaign to end all hunting. Anti-hunters have attempted to halt biologically managed bow hunts in both New Jersey and Florida. In New Jersey, misguided legislators tried to pass laws outlawing bowhunting. We supported the New Jersey bowhunters in their successful battle. Spring Bear hunting was lost in Colorado and other states are under well orchestrated attacks by the anti's. In Arizona, hunters and voters stopped a law that would have outlawed all hunting on public lands. Our state could be the next target for anti-hunters and animal rights activists. We must be ready.
APATHY on the part of bowhunters could hasten such attempts here at home.

Formal activities of the Association include: an annual Fall Bowhunting Championship held on the weekend of the third Sunday of September; an annual Spring tournament held on the weekend of the third Sunday of March; an awards banquet; and participation at other club's events around the state. Two major awards bestowed each year are "Bowhunter of the Year" and Member of the Year." There are many other benefits and functions for our members.
NOW! you can fully realize the magnitude of the efforts and the numerous obstacles overcome to have bowhunting accepted by sportsmen and the general public.

BOWHUNTING now faces its biggest challenge -- the survival of our sport. The anti-hunting and animal rights movements must be met head-on by better financed and better educated sportsmen organizations.

Will you stand with the ABA to fight for your rights?

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